If  I’m to translate this game I need the script. Kud Wafter runs on RealLive which can be hacked with Haeleth’s RLdev kit.However I believe the script to KW is encrypted with a “XOR key” (cypher?)

Fluffy (LB! team) has provided the source to their build of RLDev.

I found hints on how to extract RealLive’s XOR key on the Gemot.

My understanding is if this key is put into game.cfg one can extract the script.

If there is one thing I learned in high school it’s that I can’t code to save my life. Unless anyone wants to help I might spend next weekend learning how to “compile binaries” ;_;

Additional Information

Kud Wafter uses RealLive Version1.6.3.4 and was released on 6/25/2010

These might be relevant but I can’t read Chinese (kudos to a lurker)

Update 4/26

I finally have my own copy of kprl and an amazing lurker may have cracked the code but work isn’t quite done (see comments and his game.cfg below).