A summer spent in the same room as Kud.
Kudryavka Noumi and Riki Naoe became lovers in another world of Little Busters! EX.

As summer break begins the Little Busters each return home, leaving Kud and Riki in the dorms.
However, a plumbing accident in the boy’s dormitory causes the rooms to become unlivable.
Kud asks the bewildered Riki,
“I’m currently recruiting a new roommate”
Riki carelessly answers “sure.”
And so begins their secret cohabitation.
While helping Kud with independent studies over the break, the days are spent hiding from other dormitory residents.
Where is the place those two are aiming for?

Pure-hearted but packed with adult situations,
This is truly a game where you can flirt around with Kud.


Kud Wafter is an adult spin-off of Little Busters! by Key/VisualArts. It contains two story lines: The first “Wafter” is a typical fandisc scenario with lots of romantic scenes and a feel-good plot. The second half of the game “After” is an alternative scenario is a much more serious storyline with little fan service.


Leader/Translation : Jyuichi

Script Hacking : M.I.X

Image Editing: Kastel

Menu images adapted from EchoMateria’s work on Little Busters!

Special thanks to all of Team Fluffy.