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What has been long suspected has finally become true, Key launched an official site for the all-ages edition of Kud Wafter!

There will be some new content but it is unclear how much (the complete file size is not even decided yet).


I will do my best to get a copy and adapt the patch for both versions.

As for patch progress, I’d like to apologize for the slowness. It’s been a busy semester finishing up my undergrad while being a full-time grad student. Unfortunately I’ve really gone and messed up my wrist trying to make thesis deadlines which of course limits my progress on this as well. Hopefully spring break will give me enough time to rest up so I’ll be back to full power soon! \(>w<)/

I am participating in the Key 15th Anniversary Project which is now open for general submissions:

We are now accepting messages, letters, and images (fan art, cosplay, etc.) over at our Submission Wiki. Registration is not required for submissions, but it is highly recommended as it helps with user identification and allows for email notifications. It is, however, required for file uploads. To provide a few examples, some of the messages and images submitted to the Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project have been uploaded to the submission wiki. Please read the criteria first before submitting something. Note that although we do accept video submissions, we are still working out the guidelines/criteria for that aspect of the project, and video uploads are not currently allowed on the wiki.

We do not have a set date for when we will stop accepting submissions, which will last until January at the earliest, and probably longer than that. At the end of the submission phase, we will collect these fan submissions to the best of our capacity into a yearbook and DVD, which we will print and send to Key and related publishers on Key’s 15th anniversary next year. As a huge fan of Key, I personally ask you to please take a moment to voice your appreciation to Key and its staff members, and help showing them the extent of its fan base outside of Japan.

I know some talented Key fans follow this project so please submit your work! Let’s fill it up with Wafu!

This is general Kud news and speculation. It is not directly related to the translation.

Kud Wafter will be ported to PSP (not Vita)as the tentatively titled “Kud Wafter Conbaateddo Edishon” (yes Kud Engrish) Besides being all-ages this version will include new events and CGs. It also will have many PSP features such as : the ability to move BGM to your Memory Stick and listen to it without the game, a “Memory Disk” function to play the game without the disc, and a screenshot function. I don’t have a PSP but this is quite tempting!

Source : Akiba Jigoku!

Update: Dengeki Online has more visuals, this time a logo with the title romanized (not the hiragana used in the magazine that implied engrish titling) and some screen shots. As said above the engrish title was tentative and magazines tend to be behind so this is probably more accurate.



However I suspect KudWaf is going to end up fragmented like Tomoyo After. For Tomoyo the H-edition was first-press only then an expanded consumer port was released. That PS2 port was the definitive version until it was backported as an all-ages memorial edition five years later. The 18+ edition was never reissued. Considering Key is emphasizing  all-ages versions of even Kanon and Air I would not be surprised if the same happened to dear Kud. Hopefully Key will reissue Kud PC in a normal (18+) or memorial (all-ages) edition within the next two years before it becomes too rare. I know this sounds glum but this is my prediction based on previous product cycles. I will support any PC edition in print when the patch is released.

Just a friendly reminder that today is the birthday of our dear heroine, Кудрявка Анатолиевна Стругацкая!

This is a 4-panel comic that was on Visual Art’s website before the game was released. Please forgive my lackluster photoshop skills.

Nothing to say about translation progress except it is happening at a slow but steady rate.


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