Kud Wafter

Q: When will it be done?

A: When it’s done.

Q: Where can I get the game?

A: You still purchase the first-press edition at  Palet-Web.  (requires log-in to view adult products)

Project Wafuu

Q: What can I help with?

A: At the moment nothing. Out of respect for the time and effort of others, I will not recruit image editors, proofreaders, etc until Wafter (the first storyline) is translated. I appreciate the offer but check back later.

Q: You’re so slow! Can I translate too? 

A: Sorry no. I started this project as a way to maintain my Japanese skills. Furthermore, consistency among a group of translators can be difficult. For these reasons I would like to translate alone.

Q: Is Jyuichi a lolicon?

A: Actually no, Kudo is special.